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What Do Other People Say About Footsteps Farm?

We've been very lucky to get a lot of great feedback, and coverage in the news and in a variety of newsletters and journals.  The following is a list of those we have permission to share with you. We hope they help you to better understand Footsteps Farm and our "beyond organic" farming.   If by any chance you still aren't convinced, skip down to some of our Testimonials

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Hi Craig…We will come on Sunday for the smoked stuff and the sausages…thanks! We have indeed sampled the goods and are extremely pleased! The pork ribs and chops were delicious…will keep you posted as I cook! So far so good, I have used a couple of recipes from “Pasture Perfect.” Also, am thrilled with the chicken! What a difference – and it is so nice to watch my kids eating meat that I know has been so well taken care of without drugs or hormones. THANK YOU! I look forward to a long and happy relationship between our family and yours!

Melissa Ryan


Thank you Footsteps Farm for your delicious chickens!  We have been privileged to enjoy four of these fantastic Footsteps fowl and we enjoyed every mouthful. They are tender with excellent flavor  and just the right size to serve two people for two dinners.  You are going to be having duck??  how soon??

Bill and Joyce Everett


Dear Craig:

We look forward to seeing your duck!  Notwithstanding AFLAC, we love duck!

Bill Everett


I found the flavors of my childhood at Footsteps Farm.  Uncooked, their chickens are substantial, light-fleshed with thin healthy skin.  Roasted, the meat is moist and intensely chickeny.  The bones and skin have produced some of the best chicken broth I’ve ever tasted.

The purchase of a quarter hog was a leap of faith.  What would I do with all those chops, steaks, sausages and bacon if I didn’t like it?  I grilled a couple of Footsteps Farm’s chops and a couple of Hormel Natural Cut chops very simply: a little maple syrup, salt, and pepper.  Uncooked, the Footsteps Farm chops were smaller, with dark, marbled meat and plenty of fat around the edge.  The difference in taste and texture between the two kinds of chops was stunning.  The Hormel chops were typical of the pork I’ve become used to in adulthood: dense, grainy, and fatless meat that was so dry that it needs brining before cooking.   The Footsteps Farm chops brought tears to my eyes—here was the pork I remembered my mother serving the six of us thirty years ago.  It was red meat, pleasantly chewy, moist and tasting deeply of pork.  And I’m embarrassed to say that I greedily ate every bit of the rim of browned, crispy fat that had encircled my chops.  And my husband’s.

I’ve guiltily hidden the precious packages of country bacon from my marauding children, as it’s the best this bacon-lover’s ever eaten.  I do plan to share the ham with the rest of the family though.  They deserve to at least try the best of the best.

Leslie McGrath


This is, quite simply, the best pork I have ever tasted.

Laura Burleson


Hello there, Craig - I'm Sarah Melcher's mother and we want to rather belatedly thank you for the wonderful turkey you gave Sarah and which was the foundation of our sublime Christmas dinner. My husband Bert and I have never tasted a turkey like it [shown below defrosting with Bert's hat on it] - the taste was rich and moist and truly delicious. Sarah made great stuffing to go in it - venison sausage mixed with wild rice and chopped roasted chestnuts - yum!! We also saw the video of Footsteps Farm which was most enjoyable - its a beautiful place you have there. Thank you again for your generosity - we hope that 2007 is a happy and successful year for you.

Rosemary Melcher

Footsteps Farm turkey defrosting