Sunday, March 15, 2009

Project 365 St Patty's dinner

Sunday was a great day. Pete came down and we had a huge air soft game, probably 35 players. Pete is headed for SC and we will all REALLY REALLY miss him, his is a intrical part of this family and like my own son (even though I LOVE shooting him). He won't be at YRD this year due to his starting a new job and new life, we wish him well.

Today was also Shane's birthday, Shane is in FL with his Mom and Dick. Working hard, and missing all the fun here in CT. Shane also won't be at YRD due to the economy this year. We all called him on Cody's cell and each person had some time to talk with him. We miss him SO MUCH but understand he is doing what is best for him and his.
With Shane and Pete not being at YRD 2009 we will tone it down for a year with plans to make 2010 a earth shaker, rock and roll blowout like has never been held before.
So three of my boys are gone now and missing in action, Jaime, Shane and Pete are loved and missed, at least I know two will return someday.
Thanks to Shawn my oldest for keeping me together.
Sheryl put on a huge corned beef and cabbage feed in the afternoon, she always gets the short end of the stick when we play airsoft. She stays in the house, cleans and cooks most of the day. Without her we couldn't play, wouldn't eat nearly as well and would never have much fun at a family get together here on the farm.
Thanks Sheryl for being the person you are and for sharing this life with me, you make it worth it.


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