Saturday, March 14, 2009

Project 365 new pig

Here is the new pig, I should have her papers in a week or so. She does have a name but the guy I bought her from has so many pigs he didn't know her name but it is on her papers.
Trip home was the worst trip I have ever had, forgot my cell phone and got lost in Red Lion PA, Tomtom didn't even know where I was. Finally after going door to door out in the boonies I found the Innerst farm and picked up this pig.
As I crossed in to NJ on the way back I had 30 mile and hour maxiumum speed until north of New Haven...I was concerned about this little girl but she made it okay.
Now she is in my holding corral to get her used to the area, noises ect and I moved one of my Tams who is also pregnant in there with her so she would have company.
Moved some other pigs today, got Daisy in with the little Tam bora who was by himself when I moved the four gals out in to the woods. Now the little boar with no name needs a name as I think I will keep him around for a while. Also have the remaining 3 piglets in there with Daisy and the boar.
The berkshire is really cute and very docile, her previous owner has won many awards to the best tasting pork so hopefully she will produce so top quality piglets from this first litter and many more litters to come.


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