Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Project 365 Long day

Well this day was a doosey, it started about 04:00 and ended after midnight. The inspector for the Certifed Humane Organization came aroung 5:30 for a yearly inspection and recertification, she didn't finish until 3:30 and we passed with flying colors. I have not heard yet from the Director but our exit meeting had ZERO negative comments. I am very proud of the whole farm family here for a job well done. Sheryl, Jeff, Kevin all have had a part in this program.

Around noon the USDA EQUP man stopped by to go over what they have decided they can do for us, we still have to be ranked but it is looking more positive all the time. A new well, water line and frost free hydrants to all our cleared pastures will be HUGE, no more worries about falling on the ice in the back of my truck in the winter.

I work at night part time and my boss is no longer with the company. Corporate has asked if I wanted the job, my response: no, they asked if I would help them get over the hump temporarly and I said yes so my hours at work will almost double for at least four months, right at the time of year when I need the most time at the farm.

So if I don't keep up with my postings, don't respond quickly to e-mails, don't return calls as fast as I should, please understand that I am a tad busy and could really use a office person and a hired hand on the farm but that isn't going to happen anytime soon.




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