Thursday, May 17, 2007

Delays and what they mean to you

Well one thing about farming, something always go in a direction opposite what you plan.

Your chickens are growing faster than expected, which is a good thing, but the processing area is not ready yet, which is a bad thing. We are finally about ready to pour the slab then we will just sit everything in place so we can process.

The birds are huge and should be a great thing for your first birds of the season, expect 9 pound birds at least. These are the kind we prefer as you get lots of meat for leftovers and sandwichs.

The Ct Dept of Ag wants to come blood test our pigs this month, we have had a lot of delays, wet wet wet spring held off getting to the road and slab work, having the fences down so the road work could be done has blocked access to the holding chute where the teset are to be done, we just have to wait until Greg is done with the road and we get the fence back up, then the pigs can be moved.

The pigs are growing greatly and the first 3 will make the trip on May 31st, this will fill two orders and give us a whole pig for bacon and 4 kinds of sausage to sell at the Denison Farm Market.

The ducks are doing well and are in their tractor on pasture.

The pastures are growing very well and the money spent on lyme and seed was well worth it.

No calves born yet but 3 are due.

We have started on our Sare Grant but buying refridgerators, as soon as some of this other work gets done we will finish the parts purchase and hopefully have the unit built by July sometime, in the meantime we will be processing as we have in the past with great results.

If all goes well we could process 40 birds a week ahead of schedule, all depends on concrete delivery etc. We will call or e-mail those customers who may get a week earlier delivery just as soon as we get the slab poured.

Our tour held last week was great, that was the last one until November as we just do not have ANY free time, in fact I am fretting over getting someone to watch the farm and do the chores so we can take a week in Maine to fish and recharge, didn't go last year so we really need it.

Farm market plans going well, more vendors than ever before, new signs, new layout, I think it will be great for business.

Always changes of plans, set backs, delays, issues...but Farmen is still the BEST




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