Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Great News

I have some great news for local farms: I heard from Ron Olsen and there is a new processing plant opening in Seymour, CT. The man's name is Dan Carmel and his number in Mass is 413-212-1334. I talked to him yesterday and he used to work at Hilltown where we currently take our pigs.

Dan said he would do all that Hilltown does for us PLUS he had no problem allowing a Certified Humane Inspector in the building.

I called Holly at Certified Humane and she will call Dan to discuss whatever it is they need to discuss.

Opening is scheduled for about two months from now.

This is especially good since there is not a USDA facility close to us. Salem isn't a USDA facility nor is Marice's, which means if you have your cow, pig, sheep etc. processed there you can't sell individual cuts of meat to the public. This new place will take care of that issue.

I would highly recommend that all local farms who have animals to process give Dan a call.

They will cryovac, label, and string the roasts and make sausage to our receipe (we just provide unopened containers of herbs and spices etc. and the receipe for 25 pounds).

So for us it is great news and many thanks to Dan for taking this on. Let's hope we can bring him lots of business.

Work Party: we have 14 people signed up for our work party in two weeks. It will be great to get the 4 acre lots cleaned up.

Also I hear that Sarah our web master is getting more web design work, congrats to her, she IS the best and we hear it all the time from folks who visit our site.




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