Thursday, January 11, 2007

A very special feature

Probably by the time you read this Sarah ou friend and Web Master will have the video clip that Fox Ch 61 did of our farm on our web site.

We give a humble and very special THANK YOU to Fox Ch 61, John Charlton who was the reporter who did the story, Earl Glazier who has more testoserone and guts than Newt the Bull was the camera man, "NO FEAR EARL" got some unbelieveable shots, Wade Stoner another very close friend made it possible for experts to do what ever it is they do to get the video processed and available for Sarah, and Mike Fusaro at Rite-solutions who did the actual work, a true artist he made the video work on our site.

Thank you all but especially to Sarah who deserves some special award for making our web site amoung the best in the industry, how many farm web sites do you see with a video on it like ours...

Thanks to all of you for making this possible.



PS We have also sent a e-mail to John to get the sound guys name, we'll post it here as soon as we have it.


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