Tuesday, December 12, 2006

If we don't have it these fines folks do


I just wanted to pass on some information for those of you who have been searching for meat etc, we are sending customers to farms that we trust so if you can't get what you need from us we strongly suggest contacting these people.

Both of these farms are worked by great great people who, as with all of us small farms, can use your support, they all work off the farm, have the greatest concern for their animals and I personally would like to see both of them sold out months in advance.

Cedar Meadow Farms
Julia Cronin

Julia raises pastured poultry, does eggs, turkeys and pigs too, remember that none of us have pastured poultry during the winter. Give Julia a call, visit her web site and order some of the finest products you can buy.

Julia has some big things in her future going on, it's not my place to let the cat out of the bag but lets just say that once she gets where she is going, she will be sold out over a year in advance, her products are that much worth waiting for.

Julia has different chickens that she is totally overjoyed with, their flavor is just knock your socks off great, you MUST get on her list. Julia not only is a friend but she is also a colloborator on our SARE grant request that we just finished titled "A Small Farm Air Chill System" now we wait to hear if the SARE folks like it as much as we do.

Ed and Belinda Learned of Stonyledge Farm would be another fine choice especially if you are looking for beef and I know many people are. I had a call just the other day from a lady looking for pastured beef and about a 1/4 of the requests we get is for beef.
Contact Ed and ask about his beef, he raises the best as many folks who attended the Denison Farm Market will attest to.
Ed also raises pigs and has some about ready to go so call him soon and get on his list.
1-401-377-4514 is the home number and the cell is 860-287-1140
Belinda's e-mail is: blearned@ledyard.net,
They don't have a web site yet, guess it's time I introduced them to our web master who just happens to be the best there is, in fact she was the woman wo ran the reenactment at the Farm Market's last event....
Belinda says she also has some eggs and lots of honey, please do call them and support another great local farm.

Belinda also has something very special to announce and again it's not my place
to say anything, but what ever she has up her sleeve I am sure her customers will grow to the point that big Ed can spend more time raising the finest beef and pork.

Now is not the time to be thinking about veggies but another reason to contact Belinda is that she and her folks also have great vegitables, jams, jellies, vinegars (their raspberry vinegar is to die for), and a whole line of great food for your table, if you contact them now you can get on their regular customer list and perhaps even talk them into providing you with your produce for 2007

Another great farm is Country Corners Farm, Bernie can be reached through e-mail to blaizer53@netzero.net you really should get on his mailing list as he puts out a great newsletter. Bernie also raises some great veggs and especially his "Sweeter than my Grandmother" sweet corn, now I know it is months away from fresh sweet corn time but NOW is the time to get ahold of these folks so you can find out what they have and start planning for 2007.

Buy a freezer, learn to can, support LOCAL farms, get out of the supermarket, learn to dry food, support Julia, learn to freeze fresh veggies, support Belinda,
SLOW down, learn how to make it though the off season like your ancestors did, support Bernie, build a root cellar in your basement, SUPPORT LOCAL FARMS

You can also find more farms in Connecticut by visiting www.localharvest.org

Speaking of web sites, if you farm and you want business, GET A WEB SITE, in the last year we have had over 15,000 visitors and 64,000 page views, it truely pays to have a web site.

We also want to thank the media, we have been BLESSED by the media, Faith Middleton of Ct Public Radio's Food Smooze who did the absoulte biggest job of getting us hits on our web site by having us on her show, we were truely honored, John Charlton of Fox 61 who filmed for five hours and did an outstanding news clip of us, Lisa Carburg of Ch 30 who also did a great TV clip, Tom Dudchik of The Hartford Courant did a great piece and brought us more customers, also so many newspapers and different writers, The Stonington Times, The Mystic Times, The Mystic River Press, and The Resident. Just yesterday I was contacted by the NY Times for another article.

Finally I want to say THANK YOU to Martha Stewart for buying a turkey from us, I delivered it and another one to her in person, also dropped off a chicken for her to try, I did hear from her assistant that she loved the turkeys and had a lovely Thanksgiving. There was some talk about being on her show, but that to me is just a dream, for if I had the chance to be on national TV and given a short time to present to the public how important it is to support local farms, where they can find these farms and how small farms can get known to the public it would be a heart warming chance to maybe do some good to help others who farm as we do, from the heart, on the land, for the animals.




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Thanks Craig!


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Thanks, Craig, for sending folks our way when looking for great, pork & beef. We do have a website now where folks can read about us and contact us - feel free to check out www.studiofarmproducts.com. Again, thanks.


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