Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our Inspection results

Well today, November 2nd was a HUGE day for us, Brenda Coe, an inspector for the Certified Humane Organization drove all the way from State College Pa to inspect our farm.

She arrived around eight AM and left around three PM, her inspection included many questions and a long detailed inspection of our facilities and animals/birds. I was VERY impressed by her professionalisum and her throughness.

The closing brief found three areas were we need improvement all three which accrding to Brenda are not a big deal.

1: We need to keep better records of when we put basic H in to our water, we use this as a dewormer, she said all we need to do is put it on our calendar.
2. We need to keep better records of when we have to cull of loose a animal or bird, again this just needs to be put on the calendar.
3. Since we don't stun our birds it was written up but most likely will be a non issue as it pertains more to large operations.

All in all she was very impressed with our farm, how well our animals looked, how happy they all semmed to be and how I interacted with them.

It's been a long and very rewarding day, we should hear in a couple of weeks or so the resluts of the inspection and if we can start using the certified humane label, I honestly feel very very confident that we have passed with flying colors and will infact be able to add this Very Prestidious label to the next batch of pork we do.

They do have to check in to our processing facility that we use (Hilltown Pork) but Brenda thought the name was familiar and they may have already been inspected.

Thanks ever so much to the Certified Humane Organization and especially to Brenda Coe for taking the time to inspect us and consider us for this label, this IS a huge huge deal for us as we will be, I believe the first farm in Connecticut to have is attached to our products.



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