Monday, November 20, 2006

Important notice for all to read


Many Many thanks to Faith Middleton and the crew at Connecticut Public Radio's "The Food Smooze", it was a great experience for us.

With even more publisity coming, (CH 61 fox news at 10:00PM on Wednesday) and a special notice that I will publish after Thanksgiving we fully expect to be overwhelmed with orders.

Thanks to Faith we already have had a LOAD of calls, e-mails and orders.

However we want to make it very clear that our local customers, our original customers are THE most important to us, therefore while we will accept orders from others we will not add them to our list until Jan 1st in order to allow all of our past customers time to get their order for 2007 in to us.

We have all of our order forms from the past 2 years so if you have purchased something from us either here at the farm or at the farm market do go to our web site, down load an order form and get it in to us before jan 1st. this includes, pork, chicken, turkeys and ducks.

We will be adjusting some things on the forms that are on our site to make things clearer for people and we will send out confirmation post cards right after Jan 1st.

So in closing...get your order in NOW, past customers have priority on a first come first served, then after Jan 1st, new customers first come first served.

We are still growing and are not yet at full production but we are getting close, we hope to be at full capacity by mid 2008. For 2007 we intend to do 800 chickens, 75 turkeys, 50 ducks, 50 beef yet.

Thanks again and look for our big news right after Thanksgiving.




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