Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The turkey gets even

During the five hour filming with Channel 61 one of the things they wanted to film was me holding a turkey, I carried a bourbon red around for about 20 minutes. It is amazing how strong they are so I hold them on my left side, my arm around them and with my right hand I hold on to both feet, they can really ware you out if they aren't comfortable and want to get away.

After his filming I put him back in the turkey tractor and then we went to film John (the TV reporter) and I walking down our driveway.

During the walk I had put my hand in my pocket and then wiped my shirt, I noticed a spot on my shirt and was concerned that the camera would pick it up, I decided it wasn't anything to worry about.

A short time later I reached in my pocket to get my cell phone to check the time, I pulled the cell out and it was covered with the biggest load of grass green turkey poop I have ever seen, that turkey pooped right in my pocket and all over the phone, I then got it on my shirt, I guess he was getting even for being carried around while his friends were eating in their turkey tractor.

Who ever said turkeys were dumb hasn't been around them much.


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