Saturday, December 10, 2005

A good day

My friend Dan found a listing in the sale ads for "layer box" for sale (for hens laying eggs), so I called the guy up. He had 100 boxes from an operation that housed 20,000 layers. Dan and I went over today and I got 5 six-hole layer boxes, two huge feeders, three waterers and an egg baske, all for about $150.00. Just the boxes new sell for $150.00.

The guy also has original glass tops and glass bottom waterers, I told him I wanted one just to have it.

We went on our yearly jaunt today to get our Christmas tree. We drive the tractor over and Sheryl and the boys follow in her car. The tree farm is just across the street from Prentice Williams road; it is always fun to do this and as I type this blog Sheryl is decorating the tree.

Sunday: Shawn came by again as he has been every Sunday, it is great to have him here to help, Cody came up and between the three of us we got all the pork delivered to the customers who came by, got a new round bale in the Four-Acre Lot so the cows are happy, got the chicken coup cleaned out, Shawn did the tent garage and got more space in there for more "stuff", and I cleaned the house chimney again. Our new stove is really efficient but that causes more stuff to build up in the chimney so I was glad to get that done. Got the bulk feed box in the back of the truck, the front steps all cleaned off, eggs washed and Avery's pigs taken care of.



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