Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Talked with Maurice's yesterday to set up a "cut up" date and have one for Saturday at 2:00PM, with 3 pigs to do it will be a long day.

Still have to fix my trailer, last time we had it in a paddock to catch piglets they ate the wiring...

On Thanksgiving day we have to catch 3 calves as they are being sold and picked up on saturday.

Went to the Mohegian Sun Casino Sat to watch the PBR, those boys are nuts. It was a great time for sure. Jeff got to go on Sunday as he is in the High School media club he got lots of footage and the group got some interviews so they were happy.

The Denison Farmers market plans are coming along well, we have some responses back from our questionaire's that were sent out, we'll make a go/no go decision around Jan 1st.

Plan to work on the south five acre lot in december, the cows have done a wonderful job in there and now it's time to go in and pile things up and finish cutting what is still attached.

Have been thinking about over wintering the cattle in the four acre lot, they will do a great job clearing it and it is the last pasture to really get cleared, then we can concentrate on bringing back the grasses.

Must remember to type in here the mixture that I am feeding the cattle, someone else might like to try it as it seems to be working REAL well for us, many thanks to Nat Joslin for the receipe and idea.




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