Thank you for purchasing Pastured Poultry from Footsteps Farm. Our chickens are raised on a pasture in “Chicken Tractors”, moved every day and fed a grain mixture that is specially mixed and prepared just for us to meet our high standards. While this grain is not organically certified, it is the cleanest most naturally produced we can find and it is prepared right here in Connecticut to support Connecticut Farmers.

In order to really compare the superior flavor of our poultry we highly recommend that you prepare and cook your first bird in the same manner as you normally use for birds you have purchased in the store.

According to the USDA Sustainable Agriculture and Research Ed Program, Pastured Poultry has 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat, and 28% fewer calories vs. conventionally raised poultry. The meat has 50% more vitamin A and 100% more omega3s.

Birds purchased in the supermarkets have reportedly gained up to 9% of their weight from “Fecal soup” derived from the chill bath. Our birds being processed by hand here on the farm are cleaner, have no fecal soup nor chlorine baths and are truly as nature intended chicken to be presented.

Many have questioned our inexpensive price, we felt that this year being our first we would charge a reduced price while we learn the ins and outs of the Pastured Poultry business. We thank you for your support and continued commitment to our products and process.

Craig & Sheryl Floyd